The essence

My design reduces the chest of drawers to its essence. A chest of drawers is basically a stack of drawers that slide in and out independently, so the contents can easily be taken out and put in. The only thing one usually sees of a drawer is the front panel, with or without a handle. The drawer itself is usually an unattractive box.

The drawer

For me, the challenge is to show the drawer and make its functionality into an external characteristic. In regular chests of drawers, only the front panel looks appealing. In the beleveled chest, the entire drawer invites opening it. What is usually hidden, is fit for showing here!


Another element that mostly stays hidden, is the back of a chest, which is usually up against a wall and only exposed when the object is removed. beleveled allows for a new approach to spacial layout. The back is as beautiful as the front, creating freedom of movement: beleveled can be placed in the middle of a room, or up against a glass wall.